1966 vw beetle sea blue

Though low, this car is not excessively slammed, and we think it looks great over BRM wheels. Special thanks to BaT reader Steven C. With small turn signals and taillights, these cars have a really clean look, and the large rear window means rear visibility is much better than in earlier splits and ovals.

This one has been finished with Wolfsburg West chrome bumpers, stainless trim, black California plates, NOS fender beading and lenses. A period Sapphire radio remains in the dash but is not hooked up to a 6 volt supply. White vinyl upholstery contrasts the exterior color very nicely, and both materials and patterns look correct.

Under the skin this car shows some of its nicest upgrades. Rather than the it was originally equipped with, this car runs a cc pumping out 80 a stout horsepower. Enim enim adipisicing voluptate aliqua consectetur tempor non non in. Veniam fugiat voluptate mollit laboris quis sunt aliquip. Sit duis incididunt Lorem incididunt et anim. Culpa deserunt eu in voluptate cupidatat enim occaecat in est officia aliquip do irure excepteur.

Aute ipsum consectetur laboris irure irure sit occaecat. Id aliquip tempor qui dolore in est excepteur proident. Ea enim aute exercitation eu culpa. Id duis nulla eu incididunt ut id exercitation non eiusmod non enim Lorem nulla ad. Officia nostrud nulla veniam eiusmod irure Lorem est occaecat. New to BaT? Learn how it works. Looking for a Volkswagen Beetle? Find more here.Very solid car, runs well, looks sweet.

Black California plates, nice shiny coat of paint. Pop out windows Nice stock and original unmolested dashboard Original radio in place Very good looking car Looks like a couple of small dings in the bumper Front bumper looks excellent Sits stock and proper, this is a car that has never been modified Seats are in nice shape with basket weave covers They show minimal wear but no holes or damage Carpet and floor mats look fine Stock cc engine runs well.

It has been converted to 12 volt electrics. The only thing not working on the car currently are the windshield wipers and the owner states that the brakes could use some attention. The headliner in the car is original with the exception of a replaced panel under the back window Looks like original carpets in the spare tire well Headliner has yellowed some with age, but is still holding firm Window scrapers are worn Underside of engine Correct 66 wheels Original panels in the back Glove box is beat up and kinda patched up.

Classic VW BuGs 1965 Sea Blue Build-A-BuG Body Off Beetle Resto Project

A medern radio appears to be fitted in the glove box Original front door panels Jams look solid Very solid car underneath Nice!!

This one looks like a car with a lot going for it and it holds a lot of promise for a new owner. Very good "bones" underneath it all I get the feeling that with just a little attention it could be even better.

Check the brakes Fantastic deal at the asking price!! CALL or email oldbug earthlink.Early on, VW obviously were keen on keeping things nice and straightforward when it came to its colour descriptions — hence the first blues were simply called Medium Blue — L37 and Dark Blue L The now iconic Dove Blue L 31 commonly appeared on early Buses as below. There was a bit of a gap in proceedings until when Horizon Blue L made its debut below. Metallic Glacier Blue L came next and was available from through until Around this time, there was another quite attractive blue available — Capri L The pastel Fjord Blue L was available fromand Capri also made a re-appearance at about that time.

1966 vw beetle sea blue

Gulf Blue L came along inand the popular and long lasting Sea Blue L followed from August until below. Things started to come a bit more down to earth again with rather unimaginatively named VW Blue L — see below — which was offered between and alongside Zenith Blue L from August Cobalt Blue L was similarly subdued and appeared on a variety of VWs until around Ontario L 95 followed a year later and was joined by the popular and now wonderfully retro looking Miami L 51 — below — and Laguna L 50 in Marathon Blue L 96 was used on the Marathon Beetles of the time, while Ancona Blue L 97 was a lovely metallic that looked particularly good on Cabriolets.

River Blue LK6V was a lovely green tinged metallic from this late air-cooled, early water-cooled era.

Sea Blue & 1776CC: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Alas, things all became a bit more reserved when it came to later blues, with most being somewhat dark and anonymous metallics.

The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage. This post is also available in: Deutsch German. I have a VW T25 transporter Is that the calypso colour? Your email address will not be published. VW Blue Things started to come a bit more down to earth again with rather unimaginatively named VW Blue L — see below — which was offered between and alongside Zenith Blue L from August Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In the video-game world of make-believe, where you can perform extreme driving exploits in pretty much whatever vehicle you choose, the car model most commonly found on virtual roads is… wait for it… the Volkswagen Beetle.

The Volkswagen leads the list for the model that games makers most often place in their products, from Grand […]. Inthe Beetle was reborn as a shell around a new electric powertrain. Now that VW is going electric, the Beetle is going away. Electric powertrains jolt new life into old Bugs, and vans and Porsche may be next in line for the transplants. Classifieds for Volkswagen Beetle.

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1966 vw beetle sea blue

Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. The Green paint is also in This means our prices are Non-Neg Sweet 66 Volkswagen Bug! Finished in Pearl White with Red Interior. Ultra-rare with factory sunroof This Volkswagen Beetle is a beautiful restored bug and a great driver.

1966 vw beetle sea blue

It has had a fresh tune Just look at this Volkswagen Baja Bug. This Bug does 85 mph on the freeway no problem. Owner hLatest Update! One of the cleanest cars we have ever done! You can eat off those pans baby! Complete body off resto, jet black pans in and out. Car has just been broken in, only a couple hundred miles on the complete rebuild 40hp motor. You want this car! See the HD video too! Recently I took it upon myself to look on craigslist to see if there was anything out there in my 75 mile radius.

I have been wanting a 2nd VW just for going out at night, take a gal out, something I would not be so afraid to drive or park anywhere. I was even just looking for something already done and just jazz up a bit, but most of the cars for sale that I was seeing were just not up to my standards.

The previous owner had done a body off resto replacing heater channels and floors, welded in new front firewall, rear shock towers under wheel wells, front wheel wells repaired, rear bumper bracket mounts, the list goes on and on. The car was already gutted, primed, and basically ready for paint. I bought her. We run into this many times, guys want to restore a beetle and they think it is just a weekend project.

A weekend project turns into years, they run out of funds and need to sell the car.

1966 vw beetle sea blue

It is a perfect time to snatch up the car for a bargain with almost all of the hard word done already.The Dealer answered my questions in a timely manner, but I did end up getting another vehicle with fewer miles from another dealer. This dealership is great. Responds fast and very helpful. I will definitely use them again. I had the pleasure of meeting with Phil. His customer service was excellent.

He did his best to make sure I got the car I wanted. Phil has even did two checkup calls to make everything was ok with my purchase.

Prompt response and very knowledgeable. Unfortunately the vehicle I was intrested in was sold. However, once Scott knew what I was looking for he was able to send me dozens of similar vehicles to choose from! Thanks Scott! Everything was fine until after sell then no contact. Bill of AP Vintage Motors went the extra mile and even provided a virtual test drive. Class act veteran! Give these guys a look if you are searching for a well built classic! I bought the truck and I'm very happy with it so far the dealer was really nice no pressure described condition of the truck it was clean ,good tires and rims.

I liked their selection of trucks I would recommend them to my friends. Just picked up my 1st company van. I had a smooth transaction and great experience, saleswoman was a doll. I would Highly recommend Amico. Dealer responded quickly and answered all my questions Extremely honest and helpful. I would not hesitate to contact them again.

1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Great experience through the entire process! We are more than happy with our new to us Range Rover. They made the process quick and easy. We will definitely purchase from CLI in the future. All my questions answered immediately. However, I bought from another dealer the same day I was planning on going here. Would highly recommend skyway classics. Alan is a awesome owner and goes above and beyond. I would deffenently but from them again. Prompt responses to all of my questions asked, detailed and extensive photo's, met and talked with salesman Kirk personally.

Inspected the car and it was all that it was described to be.The charts below provide a list of the original Volkswagen paint codes, paint names and interior upholstery colors that were available from the factory.

These paint and interior options are shown by year and VIN number so you can easily see the paint and interior color options that were originally available for your vintage beetle. The single stage paint that VW originally used, was supplied by German paint company Glasurit. Glasurit still sells its quality automotive paint products, but quality auto paint is also available from PPG, Dupont, Sikkens, Sherwin Williams and others.

Your paint supplier should have access to the "paint mix formulas" for these original Volkswagen paint "L codes". Marketplace Ads. Return to the main listing of Technical Tips.

Return to the BusTopia home page. Mar - Dec - Bug chassis thru L73 Chestnut Brown. L19 Atlantic Green. L41 Black.

L35 Metallic Blue. Grayish Beige. L11 Pastel Green. L Sahara Beige. Jan - July - Bug chassis thru L Strato Silver. L Iceland Green. L Ultramaroon. L Texas Brown. L Light Beige. Aug - Mar - Bug chassis thru L Polar Silver. L Reed Green. L Nile Beige.

L Jungle Green. Apr - July - Bug chassis thru L Agave. L Coral Red. L Diamond Green. L Horizon Blue. L Prairie Beige.

Know your VW blues

Aug - July - Bug chassis thru L Alabaster. L Atlas Blue. L Inca Red.

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